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TV / Film Monthly Workshop

Head Trainer Jo works freelance as a handler and trainer in the TV & Film industry. These monthly sessions are for people wanting to teach their dogs new (usually random) skills and go on the books for media jobs. 

These workshops are a fun, relaxed, group class, held on a Sunday, where we teach quirky tricks and skills that can make your dog a star. Some of the tricks and skills we cover are:

  • Sit, lie down or stand, and stay on cue.
  • Fetch, carry, or drop objects.
  • Go to a mark and hold the position.
  • Pose for the camera.
  • Follow an eye line.
  • Bark, howl, or whimper on cue.
  • Nose targets.
  • Wear costumes or accessories.
  • Work for other people.
  • Settle in a position.

The workshops are suitable for dogs that would be comfortable in a busy environment and safe to work near people and dogs.

Some of the dogs that have attended our workshop have gone on to do film work, but some people attend just for a fun enriching training session.

These workshops are currently fully booked, but if you are interested in joining please contact us to go on the waiting list. The sessions costs £30 for 1 hour 30 minutes and they are held monthly at Standon village hall, Hertfordshire, but there is no commitment to do every month.

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