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Puppy Socialisation workshops 11-20 weeks (at Max and Min)

Do you want to learn more about how your puppy learns and how to use positive reinforcement to teach them new skills and manners?

These workshops held at Max & Min Vets in Hertford Heath give new puppy guardians the opportunity to do just that, plus give your puppy the chance to meet other puppies in a safe and controlled environment. You’ll also be able to ask Head trainer Jo how to resolve any issues that might be developing in the home. 

Our puppy socialisation workshops are designed for vaccinated puppies that have just started going out, ideally up to 5 months old. They are limited to 4 puppies per session, so each puppy gets enough attention and space. The sessions are not a free for all, but a structured group where we will start the very basics of training and expose the puppies to some new positive experiences.

Sessions are tailored to the puppies in attendance but subjects covered include learning to:

  • Understand the theory of learning.
  • Use rewards, cues, markers and lures.
  • Start teaching your puppy a recall.
  • Prevent separation distress.
  • Use extinction bursts to your advantage.
  • Prevent and deal with common puppy problems such as biting, jumping, barking and chewing.
  • Understand chains of behaviour.
  • Teach impulse control and prevent over arousal.
  • Introduce your puppy to different people, animals, objects and sounds, appropriately.

The sessions are run by our Head Trainer Jo, who will guide you through the exercises and give feedback and tips on how to improve your puppy’s behaviour. Jo will also answer any questions you might have about puppy problems in the home.

Our workshops cost £35 per puppy, which includes 1 hour and 30 minutes of practical training and a valuable Q&A. All vaccinated puppies are welcome. You will need to bring lots of small (pea sized) treats for your puppy, such as JR pure pate, which is ideal for training.

We look forward to meeting you and your puppy soon!

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