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Ultimate puppy package

Do you want help with all your puppy’s early training? Consider becoming a VIP with our Ultimate Puppy Package – a bundle of our most popular packages.

Here is what you will get as a VIP:

  • Four 45 minute 121 sessions with Head Trainer Jo (worth £175): Ideal for puppies before they are allowed out to resolve issues in the home, such as crate training, toilet training, chewing, biting, and barking. You will get personalized advice and guidance on how to deal with these common puppy problems and set your puppy up for success.
  • Puppy socialisation session at Max and Min vets (worth £35): This session will allow your puppy to interact with other puppies in a safe and controlled environment. You will learn how to socialize your puppy appropriately and give them some amazing first experiences with and around other puppies.
  • Recall package (worth £180): This package will teach you how to train your dog to come back to you when you call them, even in the presence of distractions. You will get a 2 hour group workshop where you will learn the theory and practice of recall training, as well as ten exclusive 50-minute uses of our secure training field where you can practice your recall skills in a realistic setting.
  • Puppy training course (worth £125): This course will cover the basic obedience skills that every dog should know, such as sit, down, stay, leave it, heel, and more. You will get six weeks of training in a small group setting. 
  • Six months of support via WhatsApp: You can ask any questions, share your progress, or get feedback on your training anytime you need.
  • 10% off any further training required for 6 months: As a VIP, you will also get a special discount on any additional training services that you may need for your dog.

Our VIP Ultimate Puppy Package is priced at £450. That’s for over 20 hours of training, meaning you get huge value for your money. This package includes everything you need to train your dog from puppyhood to adulthood, covering all the essential skills and behaviours to help your dog be a well-rounded and happy companion. You will also get the benefit of support and guidance from experienced trainers which you need at this crucial point of getting a new puppy. 

If you are interested in becoming a VIP, please contact us to discuss. 

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