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Dogology Dogs

Weekly Group Classes – Puppy and Beyond

Weekly training classes run by experienced dog trainers, held at our 2.5 acre Dogology Dog Training Centre near Hertford.

PLUS all our classes receive goodie bags from our sponsor – Margauxs Lifestyle Store for Dogs.

Our puppy classes are held within the fenced training area at The Dogology Dog Training Centre in Bayford. The location is ideal for your puppy to learn in a natural, safe and spacious environment. Our Saturday groups have up to eight puppies, with Head Trainer Jo and Assistant Trainer Jodie. Our weekday groups have up to five puppies with Head Trainer Jo. So you will always get plenty of attention and support during your sessions.

Topics covered:

  • Socialisation: how to expose your puppy to different sights, sounds, smells, and situations in a positive way, so that they become confident and adaptable.
  • Basic skills: how to teach your puppy to respond to cues such as sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and heel, so that they can follow your instructions and be safe.
  • Manners: how to prevent or correct unwanted behaviors such as jumping up, mouthing, barking, and chewing, so that you and your puppy have a cohesive life together.
  • Fun and games: how to keep your puppy mentally stimulated and physically active with toys and play, and how to use these skills in training.
  • Real life skills: how to teach your puppy to settle on a mat, accept grooming and handling, interact politely with other dogs, and work around other dogs without frustration.

Our puppy classes are suitable for puppies to start when they are under 6 months. We use reward-based methods and positive reinforcement to make learning fun and effective for both you and your puppy.

Classes are 60 minutes long, held weekly for 6 weeks and cost £125. During your first session you will get an amazing goodie bag from our sponsors Margauxs the Hertford based Lifestyle Store for Dogs, which has treats and toys in and is worth over £20.


Completed our Puppy Classes…or dog over 6 months?

Join our **NEW** BEGINNERS Pet Obedience & Lifeskills Classes

Whether you are new to the Dogology Dog Training Community or have completed our Puppy Class, you are invited to join our Beginners group Pet Obedience and Lifeskills Classes. In these classes we work through the core skills you need to help your dog become a confident and social dog, who is a pleasure to be around.  

All beginner dogs are welcome to this group, as long as they are comfortable being in close proximity to other dogs and people.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to book. 

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