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Mission Statement:

Kind, Ethical Training for Happy Dogs and Owners.

Our Values

At Dogology Dogs, we are passionate about helping you and your dog live your best lives together. We want to enrich your dog’s life by making them feel happy and safe in their home and out on walks, and help you achieve your goals by teaching you how to communicate and bond with your dog effectively. Whether you want to teach your dog basic manners, solve a problem, prepare your dog for a special event (such as a TV job), or just have fun with them and enrich their lives, Dogology Dogs can help you. At Dogology Dogs, we value helping you to boost your confidence in your handling. We don’t judge you for any past training mistakes, and we make our sessions fun and rewarding for both you and your dog. We believe this is essential to building a strong bond with your dog and getting the best results from your training. Dogology Dogs will support you every step of the way and help you overcome any challenges or fears you may have.

Dogology Dogs values using reward-based methods that are positive, effective, and enjoyable for both you and your dog. Reward-based training is based on the principle of reinforcing desirable behaviours and avoiding adding punishment-based consequences for unwanted behaviours. Reward-based training has many benefits, such as improving your dog’s motivation, learning, and welfare. Our experience is that reward-based training also strengthens the relationship between you and your dog, as it fosters trust, respect, and cooperation. Dogology Dogs will help you choose the best rewards for your dog, such as food, toys, praise, or play, and teach you how to use them effectively to achieve your training goals.

Dogology Dogs is more than just a dog training business. It is a community of dog lovers who share the same vision of creating happy and harmonious relationships with their dogs. If you want to join this community and learn more about reward-based training, contact Dogology Dogs today and book your first session.

Where do we train?


Our 121’s are usually held at your home. Then depending on training needs we can either take the sessions to an appropriate location, such as your usual walk, or offer training at our Dogology Dog Training Centre in Bayford (just outside of Hertford). 

Puppy classes, Reactive dog classes, Recall workshops and Hoopers

These are held at our Dogology Dog Training Centre in Bayford (just outside of Hertford). 

Puppy socialisation workshops

These are held in Hertford Heath at the Max and Min Veterinary Centre.

TV/Film Workshops

These are held at the Village Hall in Standon, Hertfordshire. 

Therapy dog training and assessments

These are usually held at the location where you are considering working with your dog as a visiting therapy dog team. 

The Dogology Dog Training Centre – group dog walks and private hire

Located in Bayford, on Bayford Lane near the Fishing Lakes. The what3words for the entrance is

Jo has been a huge help with our little Chihuahua Layla who became afraid (to the point of biting!) Of her harness. After 4 sessions at a very reasonable price over the course of a few weeks we are seeing great progress and were even able to get a harness on her in time for Layla to attend our wedding which meant the world. Layla is happier and more confident and we could not be more grateful! Highly recommend

Becki B

Jo is lovely and full of knowledge. She gives you the information as to why your dog may be behaving a certain way, and gives you the tools to help them. Have seen a massive improvement with my puppy. Highly recommend!

Daniela Rollings

Jo is a fantastic and understanding trainer. She has helped us understand our anxious Romanian rescues so much better and has really positive and effective techniques to help us build their confidence and calm down their reactivity. I was very anxious about 1-2-1 training as I felt very out of control with my nervous dogs but she has done wonders for our dogs and for us as their owners, showing us how to train and best manage them. I could not recommend her more!

Corah Norton

I am so glad that we found Jo to help us. She is a very knowledgeable trainer who was kind and approachable. She explained each part of the training in detail so that as owners, we were able to understand the reasons behind our dog’s behaviour and the steps we needed to take to move forward. I would highly recommend!

Katie Bailey

Jo has been great helping us and our rescue dog to walk much more sensibly, stop pulling and stop her getting distracted by other things around us. Jo gave us long-term approaches to improve her walking over time rather than quick fixes that are unlikely to work. A couple of months later and it’s like walking a different dog!

Laura L

I have 3 dogs that had a range of different behavioural issues from aggression to digging the lawn. Jo has helped me so much by presenting many clever and easy to follow solutions to all of my dogs issues and needs! Jo is extremely knowledgeable and really fun to learn from, she has been a real star and I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Naomi Haines

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